As an alternative to conventional single-component metalworking fluids, Oemeta has developed and established the ingenious “HYCUT” range of multi-functional products, to help improve machining processes.

Typical scenario: Using conventional coolants

When topping up with fresh machine coolant, to maintain the right concentration, normally a single-component emulsion is used (a pre-mix of oil and additive) with water. This product contains set ingredients, which cannot be adjusted, even when certain fresh ingredients are not required (e.g. additives). As the concentration of these excess ingredients increases, the fluid become less efficient, ultimately at a cost.

Why HYCUT is different…

Because each product in the HYCUT range is modular, and designed to be compatible with all others, the user can control both the oil and additive amounts in the emulsion independently. This means that huge gains are made by switching to the HYCUT system.

For use in neat oil applications

The HYCUT product series can be used as neat machining oils, in sideways, spindle oils, as a power component, hydraulic oils, the list goes on. Ester oils form the base of HYCUT and are ideal for these applications because of the below advantages:

  • Lubrication: Extremely high lubricating performance considerably reducing tool wear.
  • Long Service Life: Due to the use of synthetic, saturated ester oils, the products show a high aging stability. This ensures a low evaporation loss and long service life.
  • Washing: The high washing performance of the synthetic oils also ensures both machines and parts are kept clean.
  • Efficient: The exceedingly good swarf removal of HYCUT particularly improves the efficiency of grinding operations.
  • Safe: increased working safety due to higher flash points, when compared to mineral oil products and no labelling is required (even at low viscosities).

For the entire process chain

The really clever bit: as all HYCUT products are all compatible with each other, parts first machined with a HYCUT oil can be followed up (without intermediate washing) using a HYCUT emulsion. Oil contamination, (for example from the slideway) improves the lubrication performance, instead of deteriorating the emulsion. If intermediate washing is required, the HYCUT cleaner is used, and is simply recycled into the emulsion too. This is how efficiently you could be working in the future by using HYCUT.

Don’t just take our word for it…

…it’s proven! The HYCUT system has had approvals by well-known machine manufacturers.

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact us enquiries(at)oemetauk.com.

Key features:

  • multi-functional usage
  • process optimisation
  • cost savings
  • no tramp oil contamination
  • easy maintenance
  • less waste
  • excellent flushing performance
  • non-foaming, even with soft water
  • improved service life
  • elimination of washing processes

No labelling required according to GHS

Mineral oil based cutting oils with a kinematic viscosity of 20.5 mm²/s or less, have to be classified as "aspiration toxic, may be fatal if swallowed and enters airways". Ester oil based products like HYCUT are much more human compatible and label-free!

Who uses HYCUT?

A number of large manufacturers rely on the Oemeta HYCUT system, which fulfils particular efficiency and process reliability demands. Entire production areas can be supplied with a single cooling lubricant system, thanks to the broad range of applications and flexibility of the products.

International Endorsement

Many HYCUT products are endorsed by the USDA BioPreferred® program

No chance for tramp oil!

Water-miscible cooling lubricants contain emulsifiers, which dispense the base oil in to fine drops. Due to the fact that HYCUT contains emulsifiers that work with ester oils, mineral tramp oils are not emulsified into the cooling lubricant. The tramp oil is separated at the surface, and can be easily removed by means of an oil skimmer.