In addition to our products we offer a range of supporting services to help you gain the best from your Oemeta experience

Why Oemeta?

Oemeta can help with all elements of Health & Safety Legislation. Not only do we consider these guidelines when developing products, we also offer many levels of product and microbiology testing, training and services in line with all the listed guidelines. To further aid these offerings are our reporting tools that can additionally help with quality management. These tools give you a clear direction for control tasks which will prevent the escalation of potential H&S and environmental issues in your production areas.

Training - Relevant & Tailored Courses

Bespoke training on machining fluids and any affiliated equipment. These tailored sessions are conducted by an experienced Oemeta technician and are suitable for all levels of employees who use, handle or manage cutting fluids in their daily tasks.


  • From basic to in-depth sessions
  • Equip employees with all the knowledge they need to complete their tasks
  • Health and safety compliant
  • Improve efficiency

Microbiology Testing - One-Off & Regular Service Options

The HSE requires companies to carry out regular testing as per their Metalworking 5 guidelines. Oemeta can offer a fully managed, compliant service which encompasses both one-off and routine testing.


  • A regular testing programme managed by Oemeta
  • HSE auditable report held on and offsite
  • Demonstrating control may reduce the HSE recommended testing frequency to quarterly
  • Technical advice on prevention and treatment
  • No hazardous chemicals kept on site
  • Achieve best practice for the work force

Industrial Machine Cleaning - Professional & Flexible Service

When machines do require cleaning, the process needs to happen quickly, and with as little disruption to production as possible. We perform a site survey and go through your requirements before a no obligation proposal and quotation are provided. Once the clean is complete your machine(s) can be used straight away.


  • Service by experienced professionals
  • Performed at a time to suit you
  • Machine(s) left spotless
  • Improve process stability
  • Waste managed offsite
  • Reduce maintenance problems
  • Reduce potential operator health issue

Logyc Coolant Reporting - Structured Coolant Management

Add structure to your coolant maintenance by introducing the logyc reporting systems. The reports provide a clear picture of your coolant’s status, and with 3 levels (Element, Trend and Pro) there is a solution to fit your business.

Level 1: Oemeta logyc Element

A self-help electronic dashboard where you input basic coolant statistics. Issues are automatically highlighted and built-in calculations inform you about any required adjustment. You can also keep track of your stock and record basic consumption values. 

Level 2: Oemeta logyc Trend

Oemeta put together your coolant report. Data includes a dashboard summary for current issues, condition charts and tables. It has optional microbiology status, consumption, and stock management.

Level 3: Oemeta logyc Pro

An online system that allows you to input coolant readings using mobile scanners. The interface allows you to view your data and charts down to machine level so you can monitor any trends. It also gives you detailed consumption levels and stock management helping you stay in control.


  • Auditable records
  • Help towards H&S compliance
  • Customised and sharable
  • Easy to manage records
  • Keep coolant-related costs down
  • Proactive management

Oil Separator Maintenance - Professional Clean & Unit Health-Check

Have your oil separator unit serviced and cleaned by professionals who will have it running like new.


  • Keep the unit running smoothly
  • Carried out by Oemeta professionals
  • Full unit breakdown and reassembly
  • Unit health-check and vital parts replaced
  • Professional clean removing all dirt and oil
  • Save time on maintenance tasks

Anti-Misting Solutions

In line with CoSHH Regulations, misting is a subject that requires specific attention in order to reduce the impact on individuals working closely with cutting fluids and oils. Fluids can evaporate and become airborne, resulting in harmful misting in the workshop environment. Oemeta has a range of products that minimise the risk of harmful misting. These products are synthetic ester oils which have very high flash points and excellent lubricity. These fluids include our OEMETOL GT Oils, ESTRAMET and HYCUT ranges.


  • A regular testing programme managed by Oemeta
  • HSE auditable report held on and offsite
  • Demonstrating control may reduce the HSE recommended testing frequency to quarterly
  • Technical advice on prevention and treatment
  • No hazardous chemicals kept on site
  • Achieve best practice for the work force



OEMETOL GT cutting and grinding products, also known as GTL (gas-to-liquid), are extremely pure, synthetic oils. When compared to mineral or hydrocracked oils, industry standard tests prove that GT Oils have significantly lower evaporation loss. Excellent performance characteristics include very high flashpoints and low emissions, ensuring good occupational safety and lower consumption. The higher lubricating performance and low foaming characteristic of the GT oils reduce wear and improve process reliability


  • Very low evaporation loss
  • Odourless
  • Low-foaming and outstanding air separation characteristics
  • Improved filterability and efficiency due to low density
  • Not cytotoxic (EN ISO 10993-5:2009)
  • Outstanding lubricating performance due to selected EP and AW additives


High-performance products based on synthetic ester oils. The quality of ester oils used in these products mean that overall oil content is reduced, resulting in lower misting levels.


  •  Free from mineral oil, boron, formaldehyde, fungicide and active sulphur
  • Broad application areas (e. g. turning, drilling, milling, grinding)
  • Suitable for heavy duty machining applications
  • Especially suitable for high-alloyed steel as well as aluminium and titanium-alloys
  • High washing action ensures cleaner machines and work pieces
  • High performance and low consumption
  • Low drag out


HYCUT is our revolutionary multi-functional fluid system that can be used in the entire process chain. The system is based on high-performance ester oils with no mineral oil presence, meaning lower misting characteristics, and tramp oil rejection. At high temperatures misting and smoking are greatly reduced as tramp oils are not burned. Both the oil and additive components can be controlled separately providing excellent flexibility, and adaptability for your processes.


  • Products based on renewable resources, mineral oil-free
  • Multi-functional use as machining oil, hydraulic oil, two-component metalworking fluid and cleaner
  • Significant cost reduction from process optimisation & lower consumption
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Cleaner parts, tools and machines
  • High human and environmental compatibility