Mobile Fluid Transfer

Move your machining fluids around the shop floor with ease

Oemeta Mix - Mobile

The ideal solution for mobile spillage-free emulsion transportation. Pallet mixing station with Oemeta Mix M2 mixer and optional integrated Oemeta Mix Backflow Preventer (BF1).


  • Easily transport fluid containers around the workshop
  • Mix and transfer to machines on demand
  • Robust steel construction
  • Gridded trolley catches spillages helping to maintain a clean working environment
  • Inclusion of the optional Oemeta Mix Backflow Preventer (BF1) prevents contaminating water sources

Oemeta Mix - Trolley

For mobile, spillage-free transport of fresh emulsion or oil.


  • Can be filled using an external pump or emulsion mixing device
  • Integrated power socket for the connection of a pump or mixing device
  • An integrated overflow protection device prevents overfilling
  • Pump nozzle for liquid delivery
  • Integrated filter
  • An optional volume flow meter serves for precise volume monitoring
  • Works using air pressure