Mobile Fluid Transfer

Reduce cost and improve process stability by using specialist equipment to transfer and blend your machining fluids. Other benefits include minimising human contact, mixing errors, spillages and environmental impact.

Oemeta Mix - Mobile

The ideal solution for mobile spillage-free emulsion transportation.Pallet mixing station with Oemeta Mix M2 mixer and optional integrated Oemeta Mix Backflow Preventer (BF1).


  • Easily transport fluid containers aroundthe workshop
  • Mix and transfer to machines ondemand
  • Robust steel construction
  • Gridded trolley catches spillageshelping to maintain a clean workingenvironment
  • Inclusion of the optional Oemeta MixBackflow Preventer (BF1) preventscontaminating water sources

Oemeta Mix - Trolley

For mobile, spillage-free transport of fresh emulsion or oil.


  • Can be filled using an external pump or emulsion mixing device
  • Integrated power socket for the connection of a pump or mixing device
  • An integrated overflow protection device prevents overfilling
  • Pump nozzle for liquid delivery
  • Integrated filter
  • An optional volume flow meter serves for precise volume monitoring
  • Works using air pressure