Mixing & Distribution

Reduce cost and improve process stability by using specialist equipment to transfer and blend your machining fluids. Other benefits include minimising human contact, mixing errors, spillages and environmental impact.

Oemeta Dose - Single Mixer

This unit will accurately dose liquid additives proportionately into water using water flow as its only power source. The unit is available in a variety of concentration ranges.


  • Consistent and accurate dosing of liquid additives irrespective of water pressure fluctuations
  • No electric power required
  • Dose rates from 0.03% (1-part additive to 3,000-parts water) to 25% (1-part additive to 4-parts water)
  • Mixed solution supplied on demand
  • Prevents spills - cleaner working
  • Controlled consumption reduces cost

Oemeta Dose - Twin Mixer

This twin mixing system is for use with the Oemeta 2-component coolant range (HYCUT). The system is available in different concentration ranges.


In addition to all the Oemeta Dose Single Mixer benefits:

  • Simultaneously and accurately mix 2 solutions in to water
  • System comes with backing board for secure positioning

Oemeta Dose - Mixer Lock

An anti-tamper solution for your Oemeta Dose Mixer(s). Managing access to the settings on these units can help control fluid usage and cost.


  • Easy to install
  • Secure your dose rate settings
  • Help control chemical usage and costs
  • Replacement lock and key sets also available