Filtration & Recycling

Extend the lifespan of fluids using a method that meets your budget and processes

Oemeta Mix - Oil Filter

The bypass filter works using a 3-way ball valve. Once this is turned over the filter is not interrupted when changing the filter cartridge.


  • Mobile unit
  • 2 filter housings 
  • The contamination of the filter cartridge can be read off on a pressure gauge
  • Filter cartridge 3 - 5 μm

Oemeta Mix Recycle

This unit recycles large volumes of used coolant with the help of pasteurisation, reducing the need to regularly purchase new product.


  • Removes unwanted:
  • Particles
  • Tramp oils
  • Microbiology
  • 2 tanks
  • Mixes with fresh coolant top up
  • Returns to operational coolant tanks

Oemeta Mix Grinding Filter

A mobile grinding fluid filter unit that cleans out particles introduced into machining fluid through the grinding process.


  • Wheel mounted
  • Can be moved between multiple machines
  • Superior level of filtration for high performance requirements
  • Optimal process stability

Oemeta Mix Oil Separator

This unit can be fitted to any coolant tank using the attached magnet. It separates and removes tramp oil from clean coolant.


  • Highly mobile
  • Made of stainless and sheet steel
  • Oil Separation rate of 35 litres an hour
  • Available in 230 and 110 V
  • Can run ‘lights out’
  • Very low maintenance 
  • Multiple machines can be cleaned each day
  • Auto cut-out when full

Oemeta RSK Oil Skimmer

Applicable to all kinds of machines due to its compact construction, magnetic attachment, swivelling pump unit and flexible band. The unit is ideal for use on almost every machine, even difficult to reach tanks. Various lengths available.


  • Magnetic attachment
  • The float switch allows unsupervised operation
  • Available in 240 and 110 V
  • Reduces coolant drag out
  • Extends coolant life
  • Variety of band/arm lengths available
  • Easily moved to service multiple machines
  • Solid arm can be angled to access difficult tank

Oemeta Reclaim Coolant Recycling

Eliminates bacteria in cutting fluid reducing dependence on biocides. The high radiation UV and catalyst system kills harmful bacteria and extends the life of the machining fluid.


  • Increases the productivity and lifetime of fluids
  • Limits the wear or breakage of cutting tools
  • Avoids the machine filters clogging
  • Eliminates odours from the development of bacteria
  • Reduces consumption, cleaning, machine downtime and disposal costs
  • 2 or 3 filter options available

Oemeta Reclaim Coolant Saver

Reclaim coolant from chip bins and return to the machine.


  • Easy installation
  • Significant cost saving potential
  • No power required

Oemeta Reclaim Oil Saver

Reclaim neat oil from the chip bin and return to your machine. Typically for use with neat oils, on machines with conveyors where high drag out volumes are experienced.


  • Neat oil to 32 cs on sliding head machine with low pressure pumps
  • Easy installation
  • Significant cost saving potential