Consumption Monitoring & Coolant Control

Easy solutions for checking the status of your machining fluids

Oemeta Insight - Fluid Level Indicator

The level of fluid in a drum can be easily read using the dial face indicating when fluid levels are low.


  • Drum level check at a glance
  • For 3/4” opening
  • No panic ordering or running out of stock

Oemeta Insight - Flow Meter

A digital flow meter for low-viscosity fluids. The ideal instrument for controlling and monitoring fluid dispensing. Sturdy casing and a sealed electronic card make it suitable for use in practically all conditions.


  • Sturdy aluminium body
  • Impulse-type signals: 
    Single channel 
    Reed switch
  • Resettable total available 
  • Flow rate indication
  • Powered by batteries

Oemeta Insight - Coolant Testing Kit

Complete onsite testing kit for essential coolant monitoring.
Keep track of your fluid condition to ensure the optimum performance of your machining processes. Regular testing helps to identify any potential issues before they escalate including health and safety, environmental and application concerns.


  • Refractometer & cloth
  • 400 pH strips
  • 200 test strips (select option of water hardness, additive, pH)
  • 250 ml measuring jug
  • 250 ml sample bottle
  • 2 vouchers for free Oemeta analytical/lab tests

Oemeta Insight - Test Strips

For the monitoring and controlling of cutting fluids, Oemeta offers the following selection of test strips:

  • Water Hardness Strips
  • pH Strips
  • Additive Strips to determine the ADDITIV ET and BF concentration in HYCUT (Oemeta’s two-component emulsion).


  • Easy visual indicator
  • Indication of coolant stability
  • Supplied in packs of 200 strips
  • Work irrespective of tramp oil contamination

Oemeta Insight - Dip Slides

Helping you to test your machining fluids in more detail, these easy to use microbiological dip slides allow you to determine the presence of bacteria and fungus. To be used in conjunction with an incubator to allow for accurate results.


  • Large flexible paddle for easy surface contact and easy reading
  • Individual dip slide labels
  • Compliance with HSE recommendations as per Metalworking 5

Oemeta Insight - Mini Incubator

The Oemeta Insight Mini Incubator is to be used in conjunction with Insight Dip slides. Allowing you to test bacteria and fungus conveniently onsite. The unit creates the optimal conditions for the cultures to grow. Instructions and training can be provided by Oemeta upon request.


  • 20 dip slide Capacity
  • Compact and convenient design
  • Just plug in and go
  • Adjustable temperature up to 45 °C
  • Maintain accurate temperature control
  • 240 V power supply
  • Oemeta training available

Oemeta Dose - Mixer Locker

An anti-tamper solution for your Oemeta Dose Mixer(s). Managing who can change the dosing quantities on these units can help control fluid usage and cost.


  • Easy to install
  • Secure your dose rate settings
  • Help control chemical usage and costs
  • Replacement lock and key sets also available

Oemeta Economy - Refractometer

Quickly read the concentration of your metalworking fluids. The device has been rigorously tried and tested by our team of technicians, and is proven to be robust, accurate, and can keep up with the demands of regular coolant testing.


  • Measures from 0-18 % or 0-32 % Brix
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.2 %
  • Help ensure optimum performance of   coolant
  • Improve process stability and H&S
  • Reduce costs
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Light sensitivity ensures that you are able to use it in normal lighting