Internationally Certified Fluids

Oemeta provides specialist lubricants for numerous industrial applications. Many of these conform to both national and international standards.

The types of fluids we supply include:

  • Hydraulic fluids and pressure transfer media
    • Hydraulic fluids that conform to DIN, ISO and VG standards
    • Water-miscible pressure transfer media (e.g. used in forming applications)
    • We also offer hydraulic fluids with outstanding fire safety properties
  • Slideway oils
  • Assembly slip agents
    • Auxiliary material for assembly processes, such as press-in processes of elastomer components
  • Cleaners
    • Water-miscible solutions for intermediate cleaning in metalworking processes
  • Forming lubricants

For specific questions, or to request further information about our products, please view our products page, or get in touch: sales(at), 01295 713280.