Control additives

The concentration of vital ingredients in processing fluids can be effected by a number of factors; including chip removal and other external influences. To minimise potential issues, we recommend the use of control additives. Additives help to maintain the optimum levels of ingredients in the emulsion, which can help extend the performance and service life of the lubricant. Oemeta provides a range of control additives, that come under the ADDI-PROX group of products, for the maintenance and specific adjustment of properties. These are a perfect match for Oemeta’s cooling lubricants. The types of additives can be seen below:

Anti-foaming agents

Applicable in cases of sudden foaming, or as long-term agent where there are unfavourable water qualities.

Emulsifier / wetting agents

These additives improve the washing ability and filtration. They are also suitable to help stabilise emulsions.

Corrosion protection

Ensure corrosion protection for both the machine and components.


Fungicides help to prevent fungal growth, and bactericides fight against bacterial contamination. All-purpose biocides are suitable for preconservation in case of acute problems.

Lubricating performance

Help to restore or improve the lubricating performance of fluids.

System cleaners

For cleaning and conservation of the machine before a new filling.

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